Open Access Books: 1990 - 1999

Economic Conditions and Welfare Reform, Sheldon Danziger, editor
Legal U.S. Immigration: Influences on Gender, Age, and Skill Composition, by Michael J. Greenwood and John M. McDowell
Skill-Biased Technological Change: Evidence from a Firm-Level Survey, by Donald S. Siegel
When Is Transition Over?, Annette N. Brown, editor

The Economics of the Great Depression, Mark Wheeler, editor
Growth in Disability Benefits: Explanations and Policy Implications, Kalman Rupp and David C. Stapleton, editors
Industrial Incentives: Competition Among American States and Cities, by Peter S. Fisher and Alan H. Peters
Pensions and Productivity, by Stuart Dorsey, Christopher Mark. Cornwell, and David A. Macpherson
Topics in Unemployment Insurance Financing, by Wayne Vroman

Lessons for Welfare Reform: An Analysis of the AFDC Caseload and Past Welfare-to-Work Programs, by Dave M. O'Neill and June Ellenoff O'Neill
On-the-Job Training, by John M. Barron, Mark C. Berger, and Dan A. Black
Teacher Pay and Teacher Quality, by Dale Ballou and Michael Podgursky
Unemployment Insurance in the United States: Analysis of Policy Issues, Christopher J. O'Leary and Stephen A. Wandner, editors

Disability, Work and Cash Benefits, Jerry L. Mashaw, Virginia P. Reno, Richard V. Burkhauser, and Monroe Berkowitz, editors
Exploring the Underground Economy: Studies of Illegal and Unreported Activity, Susan Pozo, editor
Labor Law, Industrial Relations and Employee Choice: The State of the Workplace in the 1990s: Hearings of the Commission on the Future of Worker-Management Relations, 1993-94 by Richard N. Block, John Beck, and Daniel H. Kruger
Of Heart and Mind: Social Policy Essays in Honor of Sar A. Levitan, Garth L. Mangum and Stephen L. Mangum, editors
Poverty and Inequality: The Political Economy of Redistribution, Jon Neill, editor
Workdays, Workhours and Work Schedules: Evidence for the United States and Germany by Daniel S. Hamermesh

Assisting Workers Displaced by Structural Change: An International Perspective, by Duane E. Leigh
Causes of Litigation in Workers' Compensation Programs, by Evangelos Falaris, Charles R. Link, and Michael E. Staten
Pathways to Change: Case Studies of Strategic Negotiations, by Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld, Robert B. McKersie, and Richard E. Walton
Pension Incentives and Job Mobility, by Alan L. Gustman and Thomas L. Steinmeier
Permanent Job Loss and the U.S. System of Financing Unemployment Insurance, by Frank Brechling and Louise Laurence
Private Pension Policies in Industrialized Countries: A Comparative Analysis, by John A. Turner and Noriyasu Watanabe
Program Applicants as a Comparison Group in Evaluating Training Programs: Theory and a Test, by Stephen H. Bell, Larry L. Orr, John D. Blomquist, and Glen G. Cain

Human Capital and Economic Development, Sisay Asefa and Wei-Chiao Huang, editors

Classrooms in the Workplace: Workplace Literacy Programs in Small- and Medium-Sized Firms, by Kevin Hollenbeck
The Costs of Worker Dislocation, by Louis S. Jacobson, Robert J. Lalonde, and Daniel G. Sullivan
Economic Restructuring and Emerging Patterns of Industrial Relations, Stephen R. Sleigh, editor
Essays on the Economics of Education, Emily P. Hoffman, editor
Foreign Direct Investment in the United States: Issues, Magnitudes, and Location Choice of New Manufacturing Plants, by Jan Ondrich and Michael J. Wasylenko
Pension Policy for a Mobile Labor Force, by John A. Turner
Profit Sharing: Does It Make a Difference?, by Douglas L. Kruse
Unemployment Insurance in the United States: The First Half Century, Saul J. Blaustein, editor
A Fisherman's Guide: An Assessment of Training and Remediation Strategies, by Robert Taggart
Banking the Furnace: Restructuring of the Steel Industry in Eight Countries, by Trevor Bain
Excellence at Work: Policy Option Papers for the National Governors' Association, Evelyn Ganzglass, editor
From Socialism to Market Economy: The Transition Problem, William S. Kern, editor
Improving Access to Health Care: What Can the States Do?, John H. Goddeeris and Andrew J. Hogan, editors
Job Accessibility and the Employment and School Enrollment of Teenagers, by Keith R. Ihlanfeldt
Wage and Employment Adjustment in Local Labor Markets, by Randall W. Eberts and Joe A. Stone
Wage Flexibility and Unemployment Dynamics in Regional Labor Markets, by Thomas Hyclak and Geraint Johnes

Essays on the Economics of Discrimination, Emily P. Hoffman, editor
Labor Unions and the Economic Performance of Firms, by Barry T. Hirsch
The Tax Treatment of Fringe Benefits, by Stephen A. Woodbury and Wei-Jang Huang
Who Benefits from State and Local Economic Development Policies?, by Timothy J. Bartik

Back to Work: Testing Reemployment Services for Displaced Workers by Howard S. Bloom
Does Training Work for Displaced Workers?: A Survey of Existing Evidence, by Duane E. Leigh
The Earned Income Tax Credit: Antipoverty Effectiveness and Labor Market Effects, by Saul D. Hoffman and Laurence S. Seidman
The Economics of Comparable Worth, by Mark R. Killingsworth
Evaluating Social Programs at the State and Local Level: The JTPA Evaluation Design Project, Ann B. Blalock, editor
The Japanese Labor Market in a Comparative Perspective with the United States: A Transaction-Cost Interpretation, by Masanori Yashimoto
Labor-Management Cooperation: New Partnerships or Going in Circles?, by William N. Cooke
Passing the Torch: The Influence of Economic Incentives on Work and Retirement, by Joseph F. Quinn, Richard V. Burkhauser, and Daniel A. Myers
Recent Developments in the Theory of Involuntary Unemployment, by Carl Davidson
Two-Tier Compensation Structures: Their Impact on Unions, Employers, and Employees, by James Martin
Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund Adequacy in the 1990's, by Wayne Vroman

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