Open Access Books: 1980 - 1989

Assisting Displaced Workers: Do the States Have a Better Idea? by Duane E. Leigh
From One Job to the Next: Worker Adjustment in a Changing Labor Market, by Adam Seitchik and Jeffrey Zornitzky
Organized Labor at the Crossroads, Wei-Chiao Huang, editor
Strikers and Subsidies: The Influence of Government Transfer Programs on Strike Activity, by Robert M. Hutchens, David B. Lipsky, and Robert N. Stern
The State of Economic Science: Views of Six Nobel Laureates, Werner Sichel, editor
The Wage Carrot and the Pension Stick: Retirement Benefits and Labor Force Participation, by Laurence J. Kotlikoff
Unemployment, Vacancies, and Local Labor Markets, by Harry J. Holzer

Advance Notice Provisions in Plant Closing Legislation, by Ronald G. Ehrenberg and George Jakubson
A Second Chance: Training for Jobs, by Sar A. Levitan and Frank Gallo
Illegal Aliens: Their Employment and Employers, by Barry R. Chiswick
International Differences in the Labor Market Performance of Immigrants, by George J. Borjas
Job-Saving Strategies: Worker Buyouts and QWL, by Arthur Hochner, Cherlyn S. Granrose, Judith Goode, Eileen Appelbaum, and Elaine Simon
Plant Closings and Worker Displacement, by Marie Howland
The Conflict Between Equilibrium and Disequilibrium Theories: The Case of the U.S. Labor Market, by Richard E. Quandt and Harvey S. Rosen
The Economics of Tax Reform, Bassam Harik, editor
World Food and Agriculture, Sisay Asefa, editor

An Incentives Approach to Improving the Unemployment Compensation System, by Paul L. Burgess and Jerry L. Kingston
Permanent Disability Benefits in Workers' Compensation, by Monroe Berkowitz and John F. Burton
Saving Plants and Jobs: Union-Management Negotiations in the Context of Threatened Plant Closing, by Paul F. Gerhart
Tax Base Sharing: Simulations for Kalamazoo County, by Timothy L. Hunt
The Tragedy of Black Lung: Federal Compensation for Occupational Disease, by Peter S. Barth
Worker Dislocation: Case Studies of Causes and Cures, Robert F. Cook, editor

Clerical Employment and Technological Change, by H. Allan Hunt and Timothy L. Hunt
Current Issues in Workers' Compensation, by James R. Chelius
Essays on Legal and Illegal Immigration, Susan Pozo, editor
Nonmonetary Eligibility in State Unemployment Insurance Programs: Law and Practice, by Walter Corson, Alan M. Hershey, and Stuart Kerachsky
The Funding Crisis in State Unemployment Insurance, by Wayne Vroman
The W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research 1945-1985: Seeking Paths to Fuller Employment, by Saul J. Blaustein

Michigan's Business Tax Costs Relative to Other Great Lakes States, by Timothy L. Hunt
Public Service Employment: The Experience of a Decade, by Robert F. Cook, Charles F. Adams, and V. Lane Rawlins
The Economics of Aging, Myron H. Ross, editor
Union Organizing and Public Policy: Failure to Secure First Contracts, by William N. Cooke
Where the Jobs Are: Identification and Analysis of Local Employment Opportunities, by William L. McKee and Richard C. Froeschle

Employment and Training R & D: Lessons Learned and Future Directions, R. Thayne Robson, editor
The Plant Closure Policy Dilemma: Labor, Law, and Bargaining, by Wayne R. Wendling
Union-Management Cooperation: Structure, Process, and Impact, by Michael H. Schuster
Worker Participation and American Unions: Threat or Opportunity, by Thomas A. Kochan, Harry C. Katz, and Nancy R. Mower
Youth and the Labor Market: Analyses of the National Longitudinal Survey, Michael E. Borus, editor

Determinants of Female Reentrant Unemployment, by Ethel B. Jones
Federal-State Relations in Unemployment Insurance: A Balance of Power, by Murray Rubin
Human Resource Implications of Robotics, by H. Allan Hunt and Timothy L. Hunt
Policy Issues in Work and Retirement, Herbert S. Parnes, editor
Worker Learning and Worktime Flexibility: A Policy Discussion Paper, by Gretl S. Meier

Hardship: The Welfare Consequences of Labor Market Problems: A Policy Discussion Paper, by Robert Taggart
Labor-Management Cooperation: The American Experience, by Irving H. Siegel and Edgar Weinberg
Second Thoughts on Work, by Sar A. Levitan and Clifford M. Johnson
The Business Climate in Michigan: Wage and Tax Cost Considerations, by Timothy L. Hunt
The Federal Supplemental Benefits Program: An Appraisal of Emergency Extended Unemployment Insurance Benefits, by Walter Corson and Walter Nicholson
Unemployment Experience of Individuals Over a Decade: Variations by Sex, Race, and Age, by Herbert S. Parnes
Unemployment Insurance Fund Insolvency and Debt in Michigan, by Saul J. Blaustein
What's Happening to American Labor Force and Productivity Measurements?, National Council on Employment Policy
Workers' Compensation System in Michigan: A Closed Case Survey, by H. Allan Hunt
A Fisherman's Guide: An Assessment of Training and Remediation Strategies, by Robert Taggart
Do Tax Abatement "Impair" the Financing of Local Public Education, by Wayne R. Wendling
Fuller Employment with Less Inflation, by Irving H. Siegel
Inflation Protection for Workers' Compensation Claimants in Michigan: A Simulation Study, by H. Allan Hunt
Issues Related to Tax Exemptions for Commerce and Industry, by Wayne R. Wendling
Job and Income Security for Unemployed Workers: Some New Directions, by Saul J. Blaustein
Plant Closings and Economic Dislocation, by Jeanne P. Gordus, Paul Jarley, and Louis F. Ferman
The T in CETA: Local and National Perspectives, Sar A. Levitan and Grath L. Mangum, editors
Work Sharing: Case Studies, by Maureen E. McCarthy, Gail S. Rosenberg, and Gary Lefkowitz
Work Sharing: Issues, Policy Options, and Prospects, by Fred Best

Building a Career: The Effect of Initial Job Experiences and Related Work Attitudes on Later Employment, by Joseph A. Raelin
Company Productivity: Measurement for Improvement, by Irving H. Siegel
Leaving Early: Perspectives and Problems in Current Retirement Practice and Policy, by Jeanne P. Gordus
Minimum Level of Unemployment and Public Policy, Frank C. Pierson
Unemployment Insurance and the Older American, Daniel S. Hamermesh

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