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The Human and Economic Implications of Twenty-First Century Immigration Policy

Susan Pozo, editor

To effectively debate immigration policy we need to be better informed. This book helps by presenting a group of prominent scholars who use data to help unravel the facts. They address immigration’s fiscal impacts, immigrants’ generational assimilation, enhanced U.S. enforcement, and alternatives for those seeking refugee status. Together, they help move us from the personal to the analytical, providing us a rational appraisal of immigration and the policies currently before us.

Table of Contents

1. Immigration Policy Today, Susan Pozo
2. The Economic and Fiscal Effects of Immigration: Implications for Policy, Pia Orrenius and Stephanie Gullo
3. Socioeconomic Integration of U.S. Immigrant Groups over the Long Term: The Second Generation and Beyond, Brian Duncan and Stephen J. Trejo
4. Immigrants and Poverty: How Do They Cope with It, How Do They Affect Natives?, Giovanni Peri
5. Understanding the Consequences of Heightened Immigration Enforcement, Catalina Amuedo-Dorantes and Esther Arenas-Arroyo
6. Understanding Migration Policy: Insights from Models of International Trade, Alfonso Cebreros, Daniel Chiquiar, Monica Roa, and Martín Tobal
7. Combining Physical and Financial Solidarity in Asylum Policy, Jesús Fernández-Huertas Moraga and Hillel Rapoport

Available Fall 2018.

Q & A w/ Giovanni Peri

Video: Stephen Trejo, University of Texas at Austin, discusses the socioeconomic integration of the descendants of contemporary U.S. immigrant groups—mainly Mexicans and Asians.

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